Strategic Advice

John Farrell & Associates partner with CEOs to provide them with the full spectrum of strategic advice to grow a successful and profitable business. This involvement usually includes chairing the board, and advising the CEO on matters involving people, clients and new business opportunities. We are also available on an as-needs basis, to act as a sounding board on any significant issues or opportunities facing the business.

Objective Counsel

One of our great strengths is the ability to be totally objective and cut to the core of what needs to be addressed, with precision and focus. However this objectivity is not without humanity – you can’t enjoy 25-years of success in the agency sector without working out how to get the most from occasionally high-maintenance, creatively-driven talent.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have a tight-knit network of highly talented and reliable financial and legal associates. Our role in the M&A process is to help position the business in the best possible light, identify potential acquirers and/or strategic partners, and to take the lead on the top-to-top discussions to try and consummate a transaction.

We don’t do information memorandums or the “engine room” of the M&A process, and as such we are entirely comfortable working alongside specialist M&A advisory boutiques, should this be in the client’s best interest.